Chef Michael Bennitt and Master Gelato Chef Gabriele Scarponi

Chef Michael Bennitt and Master Gelato Chef Gabriele Scarponi

Incredible day of training today with Master Chef Gabriele Scarponi at the Gelato Professional School. Located at Guardamiglio, in the province of Lodi, Frigomat has its own modern and spacious laboratory for holding GPS courses.

So yes, in addition to all of my other skills I’m also a gelato chef!


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True greatness to me means the ability to love someone unconditionally.

To understand one’s enemies.

Someone able to win the world and then give it away, while maintaining their personal integrity and expecting nothing in return, and move on to the next adventure.

If anyone could actually pull this off they would then be my hero.


Independence Is a State Of Mind

Today is a sacred day for Americans.

While you’re barbecuing, attending parades and watching fireworks, make some time today to read this and consider what it really means and what was the reason these courageous individuals signed their names to it under penalty of death.

U.S. Declaration of Independence

The U.S. Declaration of Independence. This is America’s founding document – everything else rests on top of this.

This document is your inheritance.

Let us remember the reason for the holiday.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”– Benjamin Franklin



Social Media | Mike

Social Media | Mike

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet

Mike Bennitt's Blog Protests the Protect IP Act

Mike Bennitt's Blog Protests the Protect IP Act

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

My Own Pledge of Allegiance

On my life and my sacred honor I pledge to:

  1. Not be a slave to any religion, government or corporation.
  2. Only trade my ideas, energies, products and affections with other worthy counterparties of my own choosing.
  3. Only give and receive communication with others when I desire it.

The purpose of life is not to toil and struggle for survival.  

This is no time for slaves.

Newport Beach Lookout Point

Your Power of Choice

These words of wisdom are from my friend Ashlyn.  She wrote them to me as part of a conversation the two of us were engaged in via e-mail:

Although I’m not a Buddhist, and don’t necessarily believe that the physical world is an illusion, I do believe that I have the power to choose not to make external, physical problems, internal problems. So, for example, I have a midterm this morning that I’m not fully prepared for and am trying not to be worried about. Although the midterm itself is just a very physical stack of papers with words printed on them, I can choose to make it abstract, to allow it to be a monument of stress inside my heart. I can turn it into something that determines my self-worth, my identity. I can choose to make the test what it is, a test, papers, words, information, or I can allow it dictate my sleep patterns and my anxiety. I can choose to let this test (that is very separate from me, my body, my mind, my heart) get inside my head, or I can let it be separate. I can CHOOSE not to have an emotional response to it…imagine that! haha

Chicago Botanic Garden

YOU put the emotion into the physical universe and physical objects around you. You imbue them with emotion to experience the sensation back for yourself. You decide if it is good or bad, positive or negative.

YOU have the power.